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Mitek brings the future to business with patented solutions and intuitive technologies that bridge the physical and digital worlds. Our leadership in identity verification, including facial biometrics, image capture technology and ID card verification enables customers to confidently onboard users, verify identities within seconds and strengthen security against cybercrimes. Mitek products power and protect millions of identity evaluations as well as mobile deposits every day, around the world.

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Mitek is led by a team of thinkers, doers and innovators who never stop rethinking what’s possible. We’re constantly collaborating in a culture that welcomes fresh perspectives, fosters creativity and rewards those who are on a relentless mission to come up with the next big idea.

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You can expect excellence without exception from Mitek. Our team has delivered unparalleled trust and safety in everyday digital experiences for more than 7,500 organizations and 80 million consumers. We adhere to strict standards and lead by example in the global market of digital user verification to help companies effectively and efficiently achieve digital transformation. Read more about our ISO 27001 certification and SOC 2 compliance here.

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Some of our leaders

Max Carnecchia

Max Carnecchia

CEO and Board Member

As CEO and board member of Mitek, Max Carnecchia sets the strategic direction for the company and provides visionary leadership to drive growth and success. Since joining Mitek in 2018, Max has overseen substantial revenue growth, market expansion, and successful acquisitions.

Max prioritizes ethical and responsible business practices, and places the needs of employees, customers, partners and investors at the forefront of his decision-making. With over 20 years of experience leading enterprise software, SaaS, and analytics companies, including past CEO roles at Illuminate Education, Accelrys, and Interwoven, Max is a seasoned leader with a proven track record of driving results


Mike Diamond

Michael Diamond

General Manager, SVP Digital Banking

As Senior Vice President and GM of Digital Banking, Michael Diamond defines and drives our Deposits business, making it possible for more than 80 million consumers to deposit checks using their mobile phones. He enables Mitek to create innovative solutions to help financial institutions improve bank deposits for their customers and to build better defenses against check fraud.

Mike joined Mitek in 2012 and brings 20 years of leadership, innovation, and learning experience to the company. Before Mitek, he held senior roles at global companies and served in the Military Intelligence branch of the US Army Reserve.



Cindy White

Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Marketing Officer Cindy White leads Mitek’s global marketing organization, which continues to grow the business profitably and enhance Mitek Systems’ position as a trusted global brand.

Cindy joined Mitek in 2018 and has driven a customer-focused brand and business transformation, establishing an integrated marketing practice for category growth. Cindy is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in banking and fraud prevention, including leadership roles at Microsoft and FICO. She also champions diversity and inclusion at Mitek, actively contributing to initiatives that eliminate bias in technology.


Judy Hicks

Judy Hicks

SVP People Operations

As Senior Vice President of People Operations, Judy Hicks is responsible for aligning the company's human capital strategy with its overall business goals.

Since joining Mitek in 2019, Judy has created a positive work culture that supports the company's mission, values and goals. A leader in the virtual-first work movement, she continues to champion employee engagement and fosters a sense of belonging among our global employees. Judy’s passion results in Mitek’s diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace, which benefits both employees and the company's overall performance. Prior to Mitek, Judy held executive positions at Illuminate Education, Acccelyrs and BIOVIA.


Chris Briggs Mitek

Chris Briggs

SVP Identity and Head of Products

As Senior Vice President of Identity, Chris Briggs leads Mitek’s Identity business, as well as the company's product strategy and development, R&D, go-to-market, and engineering teams.

Chris joined Mitek in 2022 and has been instrumental in driving product innovation and partnerships., Chris brings more than 25 years of experience deploying mission-critical products for global technology services, data and analytics firms such as Equifax, Experian and Howard Systems International. Chris’ passion is protecting consumers and helping companies provide safeguards for sensitive data in an ever-evolving world.


“The process of identity verification touches almost every industry, making identity an essential element in every transaction.”  dotWorld Economic Forum

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Scott Carter

Chairperson of the Board

Max Carnecchia

CEO and Board Member

Kimberly S. Stevenson


James C. Hale


Donna Wells


Rahul Gupta


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