Age verification

Age verification technology using ID document validation and biometric data 

Businesses offering age-sensitive products need to confirm that their customers are of legal age to assure safety and comply with regulations

How secure online age verification helps your customers 

If you sell age-related products or services online, such as gaming or alcohol, you will want to feel assured you are fulfilling your legal duty to protect minors from illegally accessing them. Our age verification technology enables you to perform robust age verification checks simply and efficiently, and ensure only those old enough to access your products or services can do so  

Fraud prevention  

Incidences of digital identity fraud across sectors such as gaming have skyrocketed in recent years. Fraudsters have become more sophisticated in their use of scams, often using predatory tactics to target minors accessing sites using fake identities, which leads to personal information being stolen 

Ethical and social responsibility

Companies that provide age-restricted services have a responsibility to the community and their customers, particularly when failure to do so could lead to crimes against minors or serious health and safety issues.  Committing to the use of secure and robust identity and age verification tools builds trust among your users and credibility in your brand

Compliance with laws and regulations  

Strict laws exist around what under-age users can and cannot access with heavy penalties available for those retailers and service providers who do not do enough to prevent the purchase of their goods by young people. There are other reasons why compliance with laws on underage sales is important; not complying with legislation can expose your platform to criminal activity such as credit card fraud or child exploitation

Quickly and safely fulfill age verification requirements

Using a combination of document checks, liveness, and biometrics can assure authenticity of the user on the other side. But it can have added advantages too: improving  your customer onboarding experience can also help reduce abandonment and charge back rates

How Mitek can help with age verification 

Grow trust and protect customers of all ages with our AI-powered digital ID and age verification 

Vigorous database checks to confirm personal information, such as customer name, date of birth and confirmation that the customer on the other side of the onboarding process is of legal age can be a powerful part of the KYC process.  Mitek equips adult content providers, such as online gambling and gaming operators, with a suite of UI and UX tools that guide the user through the seamless verification process

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