Strengthen trust in real-world identities with MiPass biometric authentication

Using a sophisticated combination of biometry that is extremely difficult to falsify, MiPass affirms your customers’ identities and provides them fast, secure access to your services.

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 Easier for customers
 Safer than passwords
 Simpler to manage

Easier for customers

Safer than passwords

Simpler to manage

Face, voice, and liveness detection

Allow customers to enroll their face and voice biometrics to enjoy the convenience and security of using a passive, passwordless biometric for simplified account access.

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No more forgotten passwords or stolen credentials

High-fidelity face and voice biometrics combined with user liveness detection provides a level of security that passwords simply cannot meet.

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Bias-free authentication

Trained algorithms tested against balanced data sets ensure accurate authentication regardless of race, ethnicity, age, or gender.

Reduced friction

Customers are quickly authenticated using their face, or voice, or both. Removing passwords from the process also removes one-time passcodes and password resets.

Advanced security

Biometric templates are mathematical representations of a user's unique characteristics and so complex that they provide virtually no attack vector for criminals.

Cloud-hosted data management and storage

All biometric template data is securely stored — no sensitive data for you to protect or manage. Our developer-friendly SDK makes it simple to quickly embed and customize cloud-based biometric enrollment and authentication into a wide variety of trusted identity use cases.

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Device-agnostic access

Customers can use any biometrics-enabled device to securely log into their account. If the device is lost or stolen, their biometric template remains secure. Customers can change devices without having to re-enroll their biometrics.

Scalable performance

Cloud-hosted and server-based biometric template matching offers convenience for businesses to decide how and where to apply biometric authentication in the customer journey.

Enroll. Authorize. Match.

Many use cases exist for cloud-based biometric authentication for businesses looking to improve their KYC processes or considering a more secure way to reduce their reliance on weak or onerous login practices. Device rebinding, high-risk transaction verification, and account self-services are just a few examples of how biometric authentication is reshaping customer identity management throughout the relationship lifecycle.

Biometric Flow


The initial capture of biometrics for template creation

Active Biometric Capture

Primary biometric capture

Unique Biometric Extraction

Unique biometric extraction

Biometric Processing

Biometric processing

Unique Biometric Template Created

Unique biometric template created


Capture of new biometric for comparison to the original template

Passive Biometric Capture

Secondary biometric capture

Biometric Template Comparison

Biometric template comparison


User Authenticated

User authenticated

Go beyond passwords

Protect your business and your customers from identity fraud.

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