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Check Intelligence

Check fraud solution with accurate document authentication for secure financial transactions

Check Intelligence is an SDK that analyzes images and extracts data across all channels where checks are deposited — banks, back offices, teller locations, merchants, ATMs, and mobile devices.

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Deconstructed check recognition

The gold standard in check reading, Mitek’s Check Intelligence breaks down the anatomy of a check to verify each of its components and prevent fraudulent transactions. 

The check fraud detection solution analyzes both structured and unstructured documents to capture and verify payer and payee name, payer address, courtesy and legal amounts, date, signature, magnetic ink character recognition (MICR), memo line, check number, and more. Regardless of whether the check was machine printed or signed with cursive, Check Intelligence uses analysis powered by AI to determine the validity of each component and identify patterns to detect potential fraudulent activity in the future.

Risk Mitigation

Machine learning capability

Time & budget savings

Leader in check recognition

Check Intelligence

Software that simplifies online banking

Backed by more than 35 years of experience in digital identity solutions, image capture, and mobile deposit, Check Intelligence provides businesses with a secure, convenient solution for digitizing check transactions, preventing fraud, and identifying suspicious activity. Mitek uses cutting-edge technology for fast and straight-through check processing. Streamline back-office processing for any environment, including remote deposit, accounting, point-of-deposit applications, and more. 

Whether you’re filing point-of-sale financial transactions or documenting financial data for government agencies, Check Intelligence conducts processing with accuracy and speed unmatched by other providers. 

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Processing 4 billion checks and counting

Wherever checks are deposited, Mitek has you covered. 

Serving 42 countries and counting, our global footprint  includes upwards of 50,000 points of deposit and over 65,000 ATM installations in the US, UK, and France, with just under 100% of US financial institutions deploying Mitek technology. Mitek’s Check Intelligence is trusted and proven to deliver the best in financial protection and data recognition for enterprises and commercial banks. Having processed more than four billion checks in North America alone, Mitek is the undisputed leader in check recognition.


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