Compliance and regulation

Powerful end-to-end AML & KYC compliance

The Mitek platform helps companies meet AML compliance with global watchlists covering politically exposed persons (PEPs), sanctions and adverse media checks

Fighting financial crime with simplified compliance at every step

Businesses must be extremely vigilant about protecting customers from financial fraud and money laundering. Mitek's AML and compliance solution starts with our smooth and secure identity verification process and meticulously works through each stage of the regulatory process to quickly verify your customers and detect fraud

Real-time watchlist coverage

Our watchlist service, powered by the best-in-class vendor, Acuris, comprises over 4 million records that are updated every 30 minutes, with up to 40,000 new records added every month

Global solution, local intelligence 

Our watchlist data covers every country in the world and is powered by expert analysts in over 240 countries, providing local intelligence and enabling our clients to ensure compliance with regulatory and supervisory authorities that issue PEP and Sanctions data

Monitor risk management with adverse media sources

Our adverse media library is built into the process, enabling compliance teams to block those customers with whom they do not want to transact. Based on key reputational risk management factors such as terrorism, terrorist financing, financial crimes, bribery, corruption, organized crime, cybercrime, and modern slavery, we return relevant results linked to potentially risky customers

Smooth controls for your compliance team

Easily deployed through our no-code platform - with just a few clicks, clients can configure what information they want users to provide and how recent this information must be. Compliance teams can set custom rules and flags, and also create custom messaging to the user to inform them what information is acceptable

Stay compliant with ongoing monitoring 

Our easy-to-use ongoing monitoring portal allows clients to configure settings and scan for new matches with the switch of a button. Clients can then rest assured they will receive adverse media alerts when they arise – and stay in control of their customer base with the minimum of effort

Easy to view results 

Easy to digest summary results enable clients to drill down and perform enhanced due diligence (EDD) and investigation into matches.  Our watchlist and adverse media service can be served as an integrated part of a request. Alternatively, it can be used as a stand-alone service via the API or the client portal

Meet IDV requirements for AML and KYC with Mitek

Identity verification for AML and KYC compliance should be something you think about, but not worry about. Your customer onboarding journey is not just a place to quickly bring customers onto your platform so they can use your products.  The journey is where you can conduct KYC checks to meet your compliance obligations and make sure that your potential customers are right for your business. Luckily, Mitek has the answer and provides AML and KYC compliance checks across the lifecycle of the customer through our AI-powered MiVIP platform

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