Customer onboarding

Maximize customer onboarding success 

Putting you in control with easy configuration of settings  

Why optimizing the customer onboarding process is so important  

When you are focused on your core business activities, you may not have the time or resources to devote to exploring and developing your customer onboarding strategy and journey.  But the onboarding process is the first touchpoint a customer has with your organization so it’s vital that experience is a positive one. We help our clients to build onboarding experiences that are carefully engineered to balance  compliance obligations, security considerations and customer convenience

Sophisticated digital onboarding improves customer experience

Customer centricity with personalization

Fast and efficient

Real-time security + verification

Increased conversion

Operational cost reduction

How Mitek can help with customer onboarding 

Combining many identity verification techniques and deploying them in a single API for a positive customer experience.  Customers tailor their safeguards to easily configure and deploy a personalized KYC journey

See it in action

ID document validation

Verify customers from all over the world with our document verification processes, our UK-based document analysts and our award-winning customer journey

Facial biometrics 

Verify the person behind the document. Mitek captures a selfie, extracts the face from the user's ID document and performs automatic or manual biometric comparison

Liveness detection 

Prevent impersonation and fraud attacks. Take your KYC to the next level with sophisticated motion-analysis algorithms to detect fraudsters presenting photos, screens or masks

Proof of address matching 

Want to build more KYC evidence and capture a utility bill or bank statement? Our market-leading computer vision cross-references customer application data with customer address documents

Database checks   

We offer traditional IDV methods such as database checks in countries with viable and robust identity datasets. Our database check services come together to provide a friction-free verification process, combined with logic steps for secondary KYC processes such as document validation

How it works 

Build your KYC onboarding process with ease

We help our clients build low-code-no-code mobile-centric customer onboarding

KYC journeys to meet differing risk environments, business requirements and customer expectations.  Traditional database checks can be mixed and matched and combined with PEPS & Sanctions screening, facial biometrics, liveness detection, ID document validation, geolocation, or fraud alerts to create the most suitable journey. Clients can also deploy our identity confidence score threshold to help them conduct customer due diligence on a risk-based approach

Not just the KYC tech but the journey too 

We don't just provide the KYC technology, we also equip our clients with a refined UI, designed specifically for end user convenience and to maximize successful customer onboarding rates

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