Mobile Verify®

Face Comparison

with liveness detection

Friendly and spoof-proof biometric verification


Mobile Verify uses best in class face comparison and liveness detection to provide biometric verification. All through a single selfie. One simple step. No bizarre video recordings. No user frustration. 


No extra steps - no added friction. Biometric comparison and liveness detection through one single frame. 


All digital channels - native and web apps. All web browsers and unparalleled device coverage.


Top performing face comparison in NIST Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT). Accredited liveness detection in NIST Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) standards. 

Stop identity fraud in one step with spoof-proof biometric verification

Users prove their biometric profile through a simple selfie. One single frame to perform both, face matching and multilayered anti-spoofing tests. 

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Simple experience, proven technology

Offering a simple and virtually impossible to spoof user experience, Mobile Verify's biometric verification upholds the highest quality assurance standards for our partners. Extending from face comparison technologies, passive liveness detection provides customers with additional security against all aspects of identity fraud, while providing an easy experience for all consumers - regardless of their preferred channel. 

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