IDC study:

Biometrics key to customer satisfaction and combating AI-generated fraud

Accurately authenticating users continues to be a pain point for enterprises and consumers. Legacy solutions are not cutting it.



  • Survey data breaking down consumer and enterprise perceptions and outlooks on biometric authentication.
  • Why biometrics are a key way for enterprises to safely authenticate consumers and increase customer satisfaction.
  • How and why companies and consumers are using biometrics today, and what needs to be done to expand biometrics to combat AI-generated fraud.


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of respondents switched to another service due to an unsatisfactory resolution after being hacked


of respondents are satisfied after using biometrics on their smartphone or tablet


of organizations said they have made investments in improving consumer authentication technology 

“Companies have dual responsibilities in the face of mounting online threats: reduce corporate risk and keep their customers safe and secure.  Our research confirms that consumers are ready to support – and in many cases prefer – biometric identity authentication systems when they enhance online safety.”

Mark Child 

Associate Research Director

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IDC data pagesTop three takeaways from the study


1. Biometric users enjoy higher satisfaction than non-users for identity authentication.

2. To provide top-notch digital trust and security, businesses must grasp consumer needs in identity authentication solutions.

3. Educating consumers on biometrics is crucial to ease privacy and security concerns, preventing the next wave of fraud.


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Mitek and IDC surveyed both businesses and consumers to assess the state of biometric authentication – offerings by providers of online products and services, and acceptance and adoption by consumers.

Customer Survey

  • 1,045 Respondents
  • USA, Canada, UK, Ireland
  • Respondent age: 18-74 years (representative consumer sample)
  • Completed in October 2023

Business Survey

  • 300 Respondents
  • USA, Canada, UK, Ireland
  • Financial Services, Gambling & Gaming, Others
  • Company Sizes: Small (50-99 employees), Medium (100-499), Large (500-999), and Very Large (1000+)
  • Completed in October 2023

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Find out how companies & consumers are using biometrics today.

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