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Drive a smooth onboarding journey and eliminate fraudsters with digital identity verification

Gain your customers’ trust, stop fraud, and lower abandonment rates while providing fast and seamless digital experiences and journeys.

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Verify a user's identity in seconds, naturally and more easily at every touch point

Use identity verification as a growth engine to help you fight fraud, rapidly expand into new geographic markets, increase onboarding and safely reach deeper into existing markets to approve customers you might otherwise decline.

Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds Bank has lowered its identity verification processing time to under three minutes, offering a quick and convenient experience with a 97% positive feedback rate.

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NatWest has increased online conversions by improving its customer experience with identity verification. At the same time, they have achieved a significant drop in fraudulent applications.

American Express now has a 90+% identity verification approval rate while strictly adhering to multinational biometric and data privacy laws and regulations.

Trust precedes transactions. 

Developing and maintaining consumer trust requires creating humancentric experiences backed by a secure and simple solution


Stop fraud and mitigate risk

Continuous authentication checks mitigate threats of application fraud and account takeover.

Reduce application abandonment

An intuitive onboarding journey allows users to stay on their preferred digital channel throughout their enrollment.

Increase customer acceptance rates

Guided auto capture experience trusted by 80+ million consumers to increase image quality paired with global document coverage.

Minimize account opening times

A guided, customizable, and low-friction online onboarding journey is created from a fully automated identity verification process that uses AI and machine learning.

Easy access to accounts for existing customers

Biometrics provide a trusted and secure way to authenticate customers with just a selfie or spoken phrase and provide continuous authentication throughout their digital experience.

Highest levels of data security

Protect your firm against threats and meet today's compliance standards. Mitek follows industry best practices and holds ISO 27001 certification and SOC 2 compliance.

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Identity verification is essential for every customer and every journey.

Ensure regulatory compliance at all times

Meet any risk profile on your KYC workflows with the identity services you need.

Stay ahead of fraudsters

Better detect attempted impersonation fraud across any customer touchpoint.

Optimize user journeys 

Maximize onboarding success rates with minimal friction.

Strengthen trust and convenience using multiple layers of verification signals

Achieve a dynamic, risk-based approach to verifying digital identities by layering identity signals in real time. Customize the identity verification requirements of each journey to create the perfect balance between fraud prevention and the optimal customer experience. Identity verification exactly the way you need it.

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"Our smart digital tools put our customers in control and the journey helps our customers to successfully pass KYC where traditional name and address checks fail." 



Head of Digital Customer Experience at Virgin Money


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