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Accelerate customer onboarding and conversions with digital identity verification & biometrics for Fintech

Make your onboarding experience fast, easy, and frictionless, reduce fraud rates, and ensure complete regulatory compliance, all while maximizing customer conversions.

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Reduce onboarding abandonment by providing a fast, personalized identity verification experience

Identity verification and biometric authentication let you create individual identity check experiences based on the type of transaction and level of associated risk, enabling faster onboarding journeys. At the same time, KYC and AML regulatory compliance will be maintained at all times.

Coinme used identity verification to dramatically decrease approval times from 20 minutes to under 10 seconds. They now provide a customer onboarding experience that is much faster and intuitive, striking the right balance between ease, safety, and compliance.

PayPal uses identity verification to balance a low-friction user experience with high-service levels, resulting in a 20% lift in the number of high-value transactions their platform can process.

Credit Karma collaborates with Mitek to implement a state-of-the-art identity verification solution, bolstering financial security and user trust. This approach ensures that those accessing their credit scores and financial information genuinely represent themselves, effectively thwarting identity theft and fraudulent activities.

Trust precedes conversions. 

Developing and maintaining consumer trust requires creating humancentric experiences backed by a secure and simple identity verification solution


Speed up the onboarding process with advanced analytics

Get the customer onboarded quicker using advanced biometric and identity verification analytics to personalize the identity check experience based on the type of transaction and level of associated risk.

Reduce fraud risk and protect your customers

Quickly identify fraudulent activity and stop fraudulent accounts from being opened on your digital onboarding platform by adding multiple layers of upfront and behind the scenes verification.

Automatically monitor customer risk profiles

Enable targeted, effective, and seamless identity verification processes based on the risk posed by the customer or transaction they are trying to complete.

Continuously authenticate across the customer lifecycle

Assess user behavior patterns on an ongoing basis and automatically authenticate based on factors such as location, device posture, and other behavioral data.

Mitigate the risk of biometric bias

Ensure biometric inclusivity and accessibility by incorporating a wide variety of dynamic and contextual signals along with personal information.

Safeguard customers with the highest levels of data security

Protect your organization and customers against all types of threats while meeting regulatory compliance standards. Mitek follows industry best practices and holds ISO 27001 certification and SOC 2 compliance.

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Identity verification is essential for every customer and every journey.

Ensure regulatory compliance at all times

Meet any risk profile on your KYC workflows with the identity services you need.

Stay ahead of fraudsters

Better detect attempted impersonation fraud across any customer touchpoint.

Optimize user journeys 

Maximize onboarding success rates with minimal friction.

Strengthen trust and convenience using multiple layers of verification signals

Achieve a dynamic, risk-based approach to verifying digital identities by layering identity signals in real time. Customize the identity verification requirements of each journey to create the perfect balance between fraud prevention and the optimal customer experience. Identity verification exactly the way you need it.

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"With the integration of Mitek’s digital identity verification solution, Coinme has increased sign-up conversion rates, reduced the time it takes to complete identity verification, and decreased customer support contacts."


Nathan Rozendaal

VP of Product at Coinme


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