Approve more loans while preventing fraud with digital ID verification & biometrics

Scale loan origination with a fast and smooth digital identity verification process that balances customer experience with security.

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Balance customer experience and security in your digital loan origination

Whether it's a personal loan, auto loan, or refinancing application, digital identity verification solutions ensure the safety and security of loan origination and approve more customers faster in a frictionless and compliant way.

Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds Bank has lowered its identity verification processing time to under three minutes, offering a quick and convenient experience with a 97% positive feedback rate.

Vanquis Bank uses identity verification as part of its customer onboarding process when a client does not pass the verification of a credit bureau. Since its implementation, the company has not experienced any case of fraudulent documents or an attempt at identity impersonation.

American Express now has a 90+% identity verification approval rate while strictly adhering to multinational biometric and data privacy laws and regulations.

Trust precedes transactions. 

Developing and maintaining consumer trust requires creating humancentric experiences backed by a secure and simple solution


Speed up the onboarding process

Verify that users applying for lending services are legitimate and seamlessly propel them through the onboarding journey quicker.

Reduce application abandonment

Create an easier and more streamlined application process by automatically verifying user documents in real-time and increasing approval rates.

Mitigate risk of fraud

Mitigate fraud with a layered, augmented identity verification approach based on document verification and bank account validation.

Know Your Customer

Ensure full KYC compliance at all times with real-time identity proofing and financial information verification.

Omnichannel user access

Fast and easy identity verification integrations deliver a single, consistent, omnichannel experience for authentication through mobile and web.

Guarantee the highest levels of data security 

Mitek holds ISO 27001 certification and SOC 2 compliance to ensure customer data and transactions are fully protected and secure against threats. 

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Identity verification is essential for every customer and every journey.

Ensure regulatory compliance at all times

Meet any risk profile on your KYC workflows with the identity services you need.

Stay ahead of fraudsters

Better detect attempted impersonation fraud across any customer touchpoint

Optimize user journeys 

Maximize onboarding success rates with minimal friction

Strengthen trust and convenience using multiple layers of verification signals

Achieve a dynamic, risk-based approach to verifying digital identities by layering identity signals in real time. Customize the identity verification requirements of each journey to create the perfect balance between fraud prevention and the optimal customer experience. Identity verification exactly the way you need it.

identity verification signal diversity


“In Mitek, we found a partner who could scale with us and support the volume of transactions we process daily.”

Nash Ali

Head of Risk & Payments at MoneyGram

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