Build trust and safe-to-use assurance with digital ID verification & biometrics

Facilitate trust between users engaged in buying, selling, renting, sharing or gig work on your platform by verifying that digital users are truly who they say they are.

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Create the right balance between convenience, speed, trust, and security on your digital platform.

Secure the safety and privacy of your users’ identities when interacting with other users, make every interaction on your platform smooth, regardless of channel, and increase the number of users and customer lifetime value using identity verification.

Grubhub uses identity verification on their mobile app, where drivers must verify their identity before proceeding with the boarding process. The company is now able to onboard twice as many drivers per month with a 90%+ approval rate.

HyreCar used to have to ask 34% of system users for more or missing information. After implementing identity verification, the company lowered redundancies by more than 50%.

Poshmark is a leading social commerce platform that uses identity verification to keep users safe from criminals trying to use the marketplace for fraud. All new buyers and sellers must now verify their identities before gaining access to the platform.

Trust precedes interactions. 

Developing and maintaining consumer trust requires creating humancentric experiences backed by a secure and simple solution.

Accelerate onboarding speed and ease

Approve legitimate users and move them through onboarding quicker so they can start transacting right away.

Layer additional security only when needed

Personalize the identity check experience by adding layers of security based on the type of transaction and level of associated risk.

Support multiple channels and scale with growth

Create a convenient experience by allowing customers to verify their identity through any channel, via website, mobile web, or mobile app.

Create digital trust by bridging digital and physical worlds

Ensure digital identities match up to physical identities by incorporating identity verification into your mobile app so both parties can confirm the person they’re meeting matches the image they see in the app.

Build brand trust and customer loyalty

Build brand equity with users by creating an intuitive interface and safe, seamless experience that exemplifies your brand attributes.

Protect customers by fulfilling infosec and privacy requirements

Ensure ongoing protection of your organization and customers against all types of threats while meeting regulatory compliance standards. Mitek follows industry best practices and holds ISO 27001 certification and SOC 2 compliance.

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Identity verification is essential for every customer and every journey.

Ensure regulatory compliance at all times

Meet any risk profile on your KYC workflows with the identity services you need.

Stay ahead of fraudsters

Better detect attempted impersonation fraud across any customer touchpoint

Optimize user journeys 

Maximize onboarding success rates with minimal friction

Strengthen trust and convenience using multiple layers of verification signals

Achieve a dynamic, risk-based approach to verifying digital identities by layering identity signals in real time. Customize the identity verification requirements of each journey to create the perfect balance between fraud prevention and the optimal customer experience. Identity verification exactly the way you need it.

identity verification signal diversity


“Everyone needs to know that a user is who they say they are, but they also want seamless onboarding. With Mitek’s identity verification technology, we’re able to provide the best of both worlds”


Megan Behrens

SVP of Operations & Product at HyreCar


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