MiVIP - Identity verification solution

The solution fraud fears.

Detect and prevent fraud in real-time with a world-class identity verification solution that seamlessly integrates into any system, no matter how complex.

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One platform, many solutions. Protect your business from fraudsters of all kinds.

Stop fraud and protect your business and customers with our all-in-one solution. Our software provides comprehensive identity verification to prevent account takeover, synthetic identity fraud, financial fraud, and more. Enhance the customer experience and increase form completion rates while ensuring maximum safety. Easily integrate into existing systems for a seamless setup.

Fight account takeover fraud

Account takeover fraud is on the rise. In fact, account takeover attacks increased by 131% in 2022. Unfortunately, most identity verification solutions only provide basic protection against one or two types of common account takeover fraud, leaving businesses exposed. A successful account takeover attack can be costly and damage a business’s reputation permanently. Preventing account takeovers is essential. That’s where MiVIP comes in.

The MiVIP solution uses advanced identity verification technology to protect against a broad range of account takeover threats, including:

  • Social engineering attacks
  • Malware and hacking attempts
  • Deep fake and programmatic fraud
  • Weak or compromised passwords
  • Lack of multi-factor authentication
  • Inadequate security protocols on devices and networks

Our solution employs machine learning algorithms, device recognition technology, and biometric authentication measures to verify identities and detect fraudulent activity in real-time. We also add extra security layers through multi-factor authentication options, including SMS-based verification and one-time passwords (OTPs).

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Synthetic fraud

Synthetic identity fraud is a growing concern for businesses across all sectors. Fraudsters use increasingly sophisticated techniques to create synthetic identities, making it difficult for businesses & software to identify & prevent fraudulent activity.

MiVIP provides a total solution, employing cutting-edge technology to detect and prevent synthetic identity fraud in real-time. Here are some of the ways our solution protects against synthetic identity fraud:

  • Machine learning identifying synthetic fraud patterns
  • Biometric authentication measures (facial and voice)
  • Device recognition & instant notification
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Real-time monitoring

With MiVIP's solution, businesses can have peace of mind knowing that they are protected against all types of synthetic identity fraud, all seamlessly within your existing systems. 

Our comprehensive approach to fraud prevention ensures that businesses can safeguard their reputation and financial assets from devastating consequences.

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Traditional fraud

Fraudsters are constantly searching for vulnerabilities where the digital and physical worlds intersect, making it difficult to identify and prevent fraudulent activity. Even minor vulnerabilities can be exploited, resulting in significant financial losses and reputational damage.

At Mitek, we understand that businesses need comprehensive protection against all types of financial fraud, whether it occurs online or in the physical world. Our solution employs advanced technology to quickly detect and respond to any suspicious activity including:

  • Check and credit card fraud
  • Identity theft and fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Loan fraud 
  • Bank account takeover
  • Insurance scams

Our solution seamlessly integrates with your existing system, providing you with ultimate control and offering the most advanced detection and verification system in the world. You can confidently address the most complex and sophisticated fraudster tactics and prevent financial losses and reputational damage. 

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Enhanced KYC

Mitek’s MiVIP solution enables businesses to offer a modern KYC experience that integrates identity verification into the customer journey.  This provides a safe and satisfying experience for customers and businesses alike.

 MiVIP offers comprehensive identity, fraud, and compliance protection with best-in-class capabilities. Not only is our solution faster than traditional KYC processes, but it also enables businesses to get to know their customers quickly and securely. This gives our clients an advantage over competitors using traditional identity verification methods.

Our approach to modern KYC even enhances the customer journey. Your customers will the glide through KYC process with the help of our frictionless UI. MiVIP makes one of the trickiest parts of the onboarding process fast and easy for your customers. 

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Choose the system that puts you in control

MiVIP gives you complete control over how you implement it into your existing systems, no matter how complex. With a low-code solution, you can customize the verification features and use as much or as little as you need. Our team of experts will guide you in getting the most out of MiVIP without compromising customer experience.

Reasons most fraud protection falls short

Unrealistic timelines & budget, leading to delays and cancelled projects.

Offshore labour and splintered teams cause a lack of clarity on project goals & poor decisions

Cutting corners to squeeze projects into a specific timeframe or number hours.

The code base deteriorates over time, not keeping up with technological advances.

Locked down code, owed by one or two developers. You are at their mercy.

Developers with a lack of experience and vision. This leads to a vulnerable system.

Reasons MiVIP should be your choice

Transparent & accurate estimates and timelines for detailed implementation.

All work completed by Australians in our Perth office. Staff has worked together for a decade.

Get the right advice for a robust system that delivers on your goals & lasts into the future.

A future-proofed system designed to stay functional for as long as you need it. 

You own all of the IP, written for any developer to take over, should you ever decide so.

Dedicated and seasoned veterans taking every element into consideration.

Happy clients from all over the world

We have hundreds of success stories from satisfied clients across the globe

Linda Robertson

Virgin Money

"Our smart digital tools put our customers in control and the journey helps our customers to successfully pass KYC where traditional name and address checks fail."

David de la Yesa


“They comply with all of the requirements from the UK Gambling Commission and have created the best possible KYC process when customer documentation verification is required.”

Megan Behrens


“Everyone needs to know that a user is who they say they are, but they also want seamless onboarding. With Mitek’s identity verification technology, we’re able to provide the best of both worlds.”

Client success studies

Virgin Money

Vanquis Bank


Virgin Money

Virgin Money sought to improve its customer experience by transitioning to a fully digital onboarding process. Manual and offline steps were causing friction for customers, which they aimed to eliminate.

Virgin Money utilized MiVIP's platform to digitize their onboarding process. The integration of features like selfie capture, liveness detection, ID validation, facial biometrics, address proofing, and geolocation into Virgin Money's system streamlined the customer journey and increased security.

Through MiVIP's solution, Virgin Money successfully created a seamless digital onboarding experience, eradicating manual steps and offline processes. This bolstered customer confidence in their services' safety and security while enhancing user experience. The successful transition to a digital-first approach reinforced Virgin Money's position as a disruptive force in the banking sector.

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Our smart digital tools put our customers in control and the HooYu [now Mitek] journey helps our customers to successfully pass KYC where traditional name and address checks fail.

Linda Robertson
Head of Digital Customer Experience
Virgin Money

Vanquis Bank

Vanquis was concerned that existing customers trying to perform actions on their account such as address changes, were sometimes experiencing delays that stretched for weeks at a time while the verification was being made manually. They recognised that they needed a solution that could quickly and securely perform additional identity proofing for potentially high-risk actions on customer accounts with very low friction to meet changing customer expectations.

By implementing Mitek’s automatic ID document validation solution, Vanquis Bank has been able to speed up customer lifecycle management and improve the customer experience, enabling them to achieve the frictionless and successful onboarding they needed for their customers.

Achieving and maintaining high completion rates was a key objective, and Vanquis has been able to achieve a journey completion rate of 75% at first attempt. More than 90% of customers complete on mobile devices at onboarding and more than 97% when requesting customer lifecycle actions that require reverification: a figure that is helped by journey requests being sent via SMS.

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Our agents deal with thousands of customers a day and now what could have been a delay of weeks for our customers, can be achieved in a matter of minutes.

Sue Singleton
Process Change Assurance Manager
Vanquis Bank


Many NatWest customers were failing database checks intended to confirm personal information. NatWest’s legacy process required customers to visit a branch in-person or upload ID documents. Scores of customers abandoned their applications rather than complete this time-consuming and inconvenient process.  NatWest needed a seamless solution that allowed customers to provide documentation in real-time.

NatWest and Mitek worked together to implement an automated verification process in the bank’s app. The two companies tested the solution extensively to ensure that it made the process quicker and more convenient for customers. With Mitek’s help, the NatWest app can now verify applicants’ locations and identities in minutes.

As a direct result of Mitek’s work, NatWest: 

  • Significantly increased application conversion rates 
  • Reduced account opening time to as little as four minutes
  • Decreased physical branch footprint due to mobile banking
  • Substantially reduced the number of fraudulent applications

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With Mitek’s help, we were able to make the account opening process easier, safer, and faster for our customers.

Frans Woelders
Chief Digital Officer

Find out if MiVIP is right for your business

Request a 15-minute strategy session to see if MiVIP is the right fit for you

Assess your existing system & points of frustration

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Discuss simple implementation & timeline to deliver

About Mitek

Dedicated to solving the most crucial industry issues

At Mitek, we are passionate about helping our more than 7,500 clients secure their services with our trusted suite of digital identity verification solutions. Innovation and protecting customers are core values at Mitek, as illustrated by our cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies. Our identity verification tools are not only advanced, but they are also easy to use. Finally, verifying your users and preventing fraud is simple and effective.

We’re proud to help our clients win the battle against fraud. Our innovative products protect both clients and their customers. We provide a trusted service that enhances the customer experience by making user onboarding easier and safer. That’s what Mitek’s technologies can do for your business.

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Support & FAQ’s

The top 5 questions asked about MiVIP Platform

1. Why should I choose MiVIP?

Designed to minimize client effort and maximize end-user convenience, the Mitek Verified Identity Platform is an end-to-end KYC platform that helps companies to quickly design, build, and deploy robust KYC journeys with little or no development resources. We combine facial biometrics, liveness detection, ID document validation, database checks, geolocation, digital footprint analysis, and more to provide the clearest picture of who is requesting access to your services.

2. What other businesses are using Mitek solutions?

Companies from around the world are using MiVIP to quickly design, build, and deploy robust KYC journeys with little or no development resources.  From Fortune 500s to emerging unicorns, industry leaders across the globe are leveraging our no-code verified identity platform. Major industry players in the Financial Services, Fintech, Marketplace, iGaming, and Lending spaces have all benefited from the dynamic MiVIP platform. Our global clients include Lloyds Bank, NatWest, Clear, Chase Bank, Experian, AirBnb and GrubHub.

3. How does MiVIP guide the user through the customer journey?

Every single one of your customers is an individual and should be treated as such. Some are digital natives, confident in handling online onboarding journeys and can rush through without ever needing any support.
But many customers need some guidance or at least a reminder of what their next step should be.

In the Mitek journey, users can quickly go back to the central hub and see what items are left for them to finish the onboarding process. Some customers can have misgivings about submitting their data digitally, fearing their personal data might be exposed. We provide clear signposts in the journey that tell them exactly what to expect, what is done with their data, and confirms that we do not retain their information. 

Mitek also provides real time feedback if the customer submits information that is insufficient for KYC purposes, supplying them with dynamic information on what they need to do to correct the issues.

4. Can MiVIP integrate with any system?

The MiVIP platform can be integrate seamlessly into most existing systems, helping to build an intuitive user experience faster.

We can support full API only integrations that you can build into your web journeys or native applications. All our clients typically have the same approach to UI/UX until they see what can be done with MiVIP and how much time and cost it can save you getting to market or keeping pace with your competitors.

We have a full custom CSS editor that your design teams can code into, which gives you total control over the look and feel of the journey.

The web portal allows your business users (not developers) to define scope settings, order of process, and the look & feel as required. Your users can affect journey/policy changes with the click of a button, if you want. However, YOU have complete control over which permission you allow.

5. How can I trial the MiVIP solution?

To discuss trial options, we recommend reaching out to us to schedule a strategy session with one of our identity verification experts to see what makes the most sense for your company and customers. Every business approaches identity verification differently. It may be the customer onboarding journey, what rules the business puts in place, or one of a thousand other compliance issues, but no two companies configure their approach in exactly the same way. Contact us at https://www.miteksystems.com/contact today to see what works best for your business.

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