Mobile Verify®

Fight identity fraud with NFC authentication 

Built on the solid foundation of Mitek MiSnap SDK that has been actively deployed by 8000+ businesses globally to capture billions of documents to-date, Mitek NFC provides a customer centric UX focus to deliver a low friction, low drop off, and high conversion value with bank grade assurance for our customers.

Mobile Verify NFC is based on Mitek IP and augments NFC technology with Mobile Verify optical and biometrics verification features to deliver a single-point IDV solution. A lightweight NFC SDK is easy to implement, and our white label Mobile Verify solution supports full customization.

Single-point IDV solution
Single API call for document authentication and biometric face comparison

Higher fraud prevention 
Three-way face comparison - NFC biometric data + Face Comparison with Advanced Liveness provide additional steps in the process to provide higher levels of fraud prevention safeguards 

Customer-centric UX design
Exceptional customer experience where automated document classification guides the customer through an NFC-enabled or optical process to verify a document

Intuitive capture technique
Mitek IP augments NFC technology with Mobile Verify optical and biometrics verification features, assisted intuitively to guide the end user through the IDV process

Banking grade security
Mitek is ISO/IEC27001 and SOC2 certified. NFC Passport standard ICAO Doc 9303 specification. Driver license: ISO-18013 standard for e-DLs

Implement NFC technology to strengthen identity document authentication and biometric verification

The passive and active authentication mechanism of NFC technology provide layers of fraud protection, that the bio and biometric data on the chip is authentic, and originality of the chip; together with the access control mechanism provides data confidentiality and security.

Mitek’s combination of the NFC chip data extraction, selfie capture and liveness biometric verification is superior to other solutions... The intuitive guidance helps users, and the accuracy of the NFC data enables faster, more reliable data capture, all of which will greatly increase our success rates.

Matthijs Ballintijn

JanusID, a identity services provider

Customer-first UX technology

Mitek implements NFC technology into the Mobile Verify® IDV process with a customer-first UX approach. The result is exceptional customer experience where automated document classification guides the customer through an NFC or optical process to verify an e-passport or other e-document type. Mitek’s implementation of NFC technology is deployed within the Mobile Verify onboarding workflow, with seamless document verification fallback when NFC is unavailable 
NFC capability works on almost every smartphone and does not require additional hardware. Most modern smartphones, iOS and Android, have an antenna that can read an NFC chip. Mitek’s implementation of NFC technology supports both Android and IOS operating systems to complete the document verification checks to strengthen fraud prevention.
UX is both a focus and core expertise of Mitek’s technology development, and for NFC we invested in usability studies to understand behavioral patterns of how people scan documents, hold devices, and the correlation of these attributes with the variability in the location of chips across biometric passports and identity documents. The result is a best-in-class NFC solution focused on delivering the highest conversion, lowest friction and lowest abandonment. 

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