Passwordless authentication

Go passwordless with simple and secure biometric authentication

Strengthen trust in your customers’ real-world identities without passwords

Why using a sophisticated combination of biometrics will fortify your passwordless authentication method & solution

As more interactions move online, passwords are a challenging and highly imperfect solution for granting account access to customers. The availability, simplicity, and convenience of biometrics on consumer devices has opened the door for organizations in all industries to transform the trusted customer experience through passwordless login and multi-factor authentication

Instead of using passwords, give trusted customers the option to enroll their biometrics as a safer, easier way to access their accounts with a passwordless login and authentication method.

Face + voice – Face and voice biometrics matching are passwordless authentication methods that are 100X more secure than face alone

Liveness – Liveness detection with face and/or voice matching is critical to passwordless security, and ensures it’s not an impersonator

Enterprise grade biometrics – Enterprise-grade biometrics keeps biometrics safely stored apart from the device and tied to the user rather than the device

Easier for customers – Grant customers, employees, or trusted vendors simplified access to their accounts with authentication factors like a selfie or voice (or both) – no more passwords to remember or reset.

Safer than passwords – Strong authentication like high fidelity face and voice biometrics combined with user liveness detection provides a level of security that passwords simply cannot meet.

Simpler to manage – A passwordless future with cloud-hosted and server-based solution captures and stores encrypted biometric data securely – no sensitive data to protect or manage

How Mitek can help with passwordless authentication

Replace passwords and one-time passcodes with enterprise-grade biometric and multi-factor authentication that can be easily embedded into your existing platforms and customer experiences

Strengthen Trust

Boost confidence in a passwordless future and your customers’ digital identities with Multi-Modal Biometric Authentication (MBA) – face, voice, and liveness checks.

Reduce friction

Quickly authenticate users without cumbersome passwords and one-time passcodes that leave customers vulnerable to identity theft.

Bias-free authentication

Algorithms trained and tested against balanced and representative data sets ensure accurate passwordless authentication regardless of race, ethnicity, age, or gender.

Simplify operations

With MiPass you can easily integrate biometrics into your current platforms and customer experiences.

Gain flexibility

Choose which biometric templates to embed into the multi-factor authentication flow – face, voice, or both – to suit your business needs and risk tolerances.

Scalable performance

Authenticate customers quickly and securely using server-side biometrics matched against cloud hosted templates – with no reliance on the customer's device.

How passwordless authentication works 

Advanced biometric authentication with less effort


To strengthen the customer experience, during the onboarding process, invite verified users to enroll their face and/or voice biometric for trusted access to your platform


Guide users through the process of taking a selfie and recording a passphrase to create a baseline biometric template that is stored securely for future authentication


A passwordless solution allows users to sign on with just a selfie or a provided passphrase. AI-trained algorithms and liveness checks help ensure the new selfie or phrase matches the stored biometric template to grant access within seconds using strong authentication factors

IDV + biometrics and continuous authentication