Reusable identity

Trust and access to online services from a single unified platform

Scalability, security, improved customer experience, and ease of identity management

How reusable identity helps your customers

With the average business user utilizing close to 200 different online accounts, requests to repeatedly verify your identity and share personal data can take its toll. Utilizing a reusable identity solution removes the need to go through complicated and repetitive onboarding journeys, instead creating a safer, quicker and more accessible form of identity verification and data management - and the foundation of a new digital economy

Trust and ease built into a single package

Educating users, including working professionals, on the benefits of a reusable identity and how their work is made easy by the number of real-world comparables.  A driver’s license, for example, can be used to demonstrate the trustworthiness of one single form of identity verification – a form that is accepted universally

Improves the login process by using pre-verified digital credentials

A strong and effective reusable verified identity with digital technology is built upon strict verification and authentication processes. Once a user passes all the checks required to initially create a credential, their identity is secured. At that point, the login process becomes more secure, and friction-free

Consolidating identity management across different devices and platforms

Consumers and enterprises have historically been forced to navigate disparate identity systems when verifying their identity. That has required vendors to invest in their own identity infrastructure, which, when not executed well, has increased friction during the onboarding process. That all changes with a reusable identity platform

Easier compliance with changing data protection laws

When managed from a single data management platform, revised compliance requirements and fast-evolving data privacy laws can be acted upon more quickly and implemented seamlessly

How Mitek is helping to build the future with reusable identity

Our digital transformation vision is to provide safe and trusted digital identities to our customers, that can be quickly and securely created and asserted

See it in action

The user owns and manages their identity in a secure digital identity wallet 

Our digital transformation vision is to provide a secure digital identity wallet that enables the user to download and create their digital identity which they can produce when requested. They may use it to confirm personal information, like their age, verify their identity or some limited part of it, depending on the level of assurance required by the person or organization requesting the verification – known as the relying party

Market-leading KYC and customer onboarding digital technology 

Mitek's innovative reusable identity wallet for digital management blends facial biometrics, liveness detection, ID document validation, database checks, geolocation and digital footprint analysis to provide relying parties (person or organization requesting the verification) with an unparalleled level of confidence

Compliance with KYC regulations 

KYC and AML regulations in the UK, the EU and beyond now allow regulated firms to use Identity Document Validation technology (IDVT) to conduct the identity verification element of many checks and screening processes.  Mitek is at the forefront of this pioneering movement, working with national governments and industry bodies to construct the digital identity ecosystem of the future, and championing the needs of the user, the relying party, the regulator and Identity Providers (IDP)

User-centred privacy, data protection, & digital management security 

With a digital reusable identity, the user owns their identity and has better control and consent over how their data and personal information is used and accessed.  Data does not sit in a centralized database and is not removed from user control.   The Mitek digital identity solution is engineered to allow the user – and only the user – access to the digital identity data, which is stored on the individual's mobile device using 256b AES encryption security

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