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We have updated and improved our support portal to maximize your experience and our ability to help you whenever you need assistance from our Support team.  

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Getting started

Access your account

The Mitek support portal has been set up to maximize your experience and our ability to help you whenever you need assistance from our Support team. 

To access your account, visit https://support.miteksystems.com/hc

The portal will prompt you for your email and password. The first time you log in, click Forgot Password to set up your password.

If you have any trouble after requesting your password, please contact support@miteksystems.com to confirm your email address and describe the issue you’re experiencing.  

Once you’re logged in, you will be able to:

  • Submit support requests with tailored questions to help us get you what you need as quickly as possible.
  • Review your requests so you always have full visibility of what we’re working on together.
  • Browse or search our growing knowledge library for relevant articles relating to implementation, troubleshooting, and FAQs.


Searching the knowledge base

You may be able to find the answer to your question without having to submit a request. From the initial login page, click on Check Processing / Forms Processing or Identity Verification to select the main area of interest. From there, articles will be listed under headings of the relevant product lines.

At any level, you may type a phrase into the Search field to search through all articles found in that level or sub-levels. Start your search at the highest level to search through the entire knowledge base.

Select Follow if you would like to be notified when an article in the level or sub-levels has been updated.

Creating a ticket

To create a support ticket, click submit a request in the top right menu:


Select from the dropdown to indicate if you are working with identity verification or check/forms processing. This will help us get you to the right experts. 


Once you’ve chosen, the ticket form will appear. Fill this out with as much information as you can. You’ll notice some questions may appear or disappear depending on the type of request; this is our effort to ask for only what we need to give great support.

Once you submit, you’ll see the overview of your request and a pop-up on the right-hand side confirming you’ve submitted successfully. 


You should also receive an email confirming your submission:


The notification email provides links to articles from the knowledge base that may pertain to your request. That list is also provided in the body of your ticket when viewed in the support portal.

Communicating with our team

Once you receive your first reply from our team, you can reply directly through the requests panel (described below) or by replying to the email you received when you submitted the ticket.
You can add attachments via the portal or email replies; there is a size limit of 50 mb per item.

View existing requests

To review your existing requests, click requests in the top right menu of the portal home page.

support - requests

Select My requests to list tickets that you have requested; or Requests I’m CC’d on to list other tickets in which you are participating; or Organization requests to list tickets for members of your organization.


The list provides a summary of latest activity and status of all listed tickets. Status New indicates a ticket that is just submitted. An Open ticket is waiting for response from Mitek staff; Awaiting your reply ticket is waiting for your response. A Solved ticket is one where no further reply is expected; if you do decide to reply, the status will be changed to Open once again.

Click the subject of a particular ticket to review comments and provide updates on that ticket.

Satisfaction survey

Your experience is important to us, and we appreciate your feedback to help us improve our process! Once a ticket is solved, you should receive an email requesting your rating:

How would you rate the support you received?
Good, I'm satisfied
Bad, I'm unsatisfied

Click Good, I’m satisfied to complete and close the ticket. Or if you are unsatisfied, click Bad, I’m unsatisfied and please give a reason and any further explanation you feel would be helpful.


If you feel that the request is not resolved, do not respond to the survey; instead reply to the last notification email received on the ticket, or log in to the portal and add a comment to the ticket. Either of these will re-open the ticket for continued communication with our team.

Frequently asked questions

How do I log a ticket?
Support requests are managed through our Mitek Support Portal:

What if I can’t log into the portal or I’m having trouble receiving emails?
If you have any trouble logging in or receiving emails, please contact support@miteksystems.com to describe the issue you’re experiencing. The Mitek Support team may reach out directly if you’re experiencing issues receiving emails from our Support Portal.

Can I send support requests via email?
We recommend using the support portal as the primary way to submit and manage cases and to take advantage of the benefits. We will not be decommissioning emails at this time.

What are the benefits of using our submission form?
Our support experience allows for streamlined case submission and smarter case assignment. When you use our submission form, you will be able to provide us with comprehensive information about your issue. The system will then route this information to the team of Mitek support experts best equipped to assist you. This support experience allows us to provide quicker responses and issue resolution.

Can I attach files or screenshots when using the support portal form?
Yes, the support portal form includes an option to attach files or screenshots relevant to your support request. This helps our support team better understand and troubleshoot the issue. Please be mindful not to attach any items containing PII (personal identifiable information).

What if I accidentally send an email to the old ticketing email address? 
The ticket will be forwarded to support@miteksystems.com and routed to our new system.

What happens after I submit a support request via the support portal form?
Once you submit a support request, it is automatically routed to the appropriate team for review. Our team will prioritize and address the request based on the information provided. You will receive notifications and updates through the support portal and via email.

Can I see tickets from others in my organization? 
Yes, on the requests page, you can toggle over to Organization requests. This will show all tickets submitted from other people in your organization.


Can I include others from my organization in my request?
To include other members of your organization in the communications on your ticket, simply add them to the CC list in your reply by email.

How can I track the progress of my support request?
Login to the portal using your credentials and navigate to the Requests section. Here, you can view your request's status, updates, and any related communication.

support - requests

Not finding what you need? 

Reach out to the Mitek support team. 

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