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Mitek Verified identity platform

Maximize onboarding success

Our low code identity verification solution makes it easy to verify your customers and detect fraud in real time. Integrate our sophisticated identity verification platform seamlessly into your existing systems to build an intuitive user experience faster.

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Powerful orchestration

Optimized user journeys

Simplified configuration

Synthesize your KYC Journeys

Select a range of identity verification services and build multiple KYC processes using our digital identity verification solution. Customizable workflows allow you to meet any risk profile—and suit every customer, product, or regulatory requirement.

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Customer in the middle of customer information requirements

Designed for end-user convenience

Ensure success for onboarding journeys with a refined customer user experience.

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Journey guidance

We designed our UI so multiple user personas can go at their own pace.

Real-time feedback

Our dynamic support helps users get across the kyc finishing line.

User outreach tools

If customers click out, we re-engage them to complete the journey.

Engineered to minimize deployment effort

Change settings, configure flows, or modify business rules without having to make costly code changes during the identity verification process. Achieve fully white labeled deployment in hours, by yourself, no integration needed.

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No code tooling

Make identity verification (IDV) components accessible via a single API or our native SDKs.

Image capture

Increase image acceptance rates in the identity verification process, while lowering capture retries.

Document Validation

Enable accurate ID classification, plus the extraction of pertinent data from required documents.

Biometric verification

Slash compliance costs and validate the identity of an ID owner.

Fraud checks (KYC)

Decrease the risk of identity theft and establish data point checks authenticating user and business identities.

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Simple to use. Easy to integrate.

Set up our no-code or low-code tools in minutes and deploy the identity verification solution in hours, no developers needed. Start your ID verification journey, improve the customer experience, and decrease fraud risks, today.

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