Bear Valley Computers' Policies

Bear Valley Computers' Policies

Policies and guidelines listed on this page are rules that Bear Valley Computers, LLC follow and clients who do business with Bear Valley Computers agree to these policies and guidelines unless otherwise agreed upon at the start of the business/client relationship.


Refunds are given only for services performed if the service doesn't meet the expectations laid out upfront to the client. Refunds are not available for parts and materials ordered for a job unless they are defective prior to install or the part fails to function in the role expected.

No refunds are given for web sites created and maintained by Bear Valley Computers due to our "only online if approved" policy we follow. As stated on our Web Design page under services, we do not charge the client for a web site until it is done and approved by the client. At that point, the site is put online when payment is made in full. We do not accept down payments for web sites.

If you are a client who made a partial payment and it was agreed the web site will go online, your site may be locked until full payment is made. If partial payments are made for a site and the client decides to no longer want the site or we discontinue the business/client relationship, all partial payments will be forfited and the client will not recieve a refund.
Note: Bear Valley Computers will make reasonable attempts to communicate with the client and attempt to come to an agreement before a termination of the business/client relationship is made.


Please see our Warranty page under the About tab or by clicking here.

Payments & Payment Methods:

Payments for services performed are billed and collected in full at the completion of the service. Exceptions are made frequently for clients with repeat business. Those exceptions become Terms where payment will be billed and collected at a later date. Cash and credit cards are accepted for all clients and checks are allowed for clients with repeat business and those who are paying for web sites. Exceptions may be made on a case by case business and will be discussed with the client prior to starting the business/client relationship.

This page may be updated and/or changed at any time with or without notice