Sharing economy

Create trust by verifying a user's identity in seconds 

Facilitate trust between users engaged on your online platform with confidence while building a high level of safe-to-use assurance

Why digital trust is critical for sustainability in the sharing economy 

The sharing economy is reliant on peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions and trusting strangers while providing or sharing access to goods and services. The companies that facilitate these interactions online in the sharing economy or through mobile apps provide low-cost access and convenience, but their biggest responsibility is security and safety for their customers. Identity verification creates customer confidence and trust, and prevents fraud and safety issues  

Enable customers to transact at speed

Move your users through onboarding more quickly and enable them to start transacting right away

Expand the number of users you can safely onboard

Capture the lifetime value of more customers in a collaborative economy with speedy verification, and enhance your ability to prove customers are who they say they are when trust signals aren’t enough, with secure identity document validation

Create trust by bridging the digital and physical worlds

Prevent fraud and build trust in your digital platform with tools that conveniently confirm users are who they say they are, without the need for face-to-face interactions

Layer additional security while improving customer experience

Create a seamless customer experience with features such as auto-filled applications and build your security credentials by analyzing extracted data for background, fraud and security checks

How Mitek can help with marketplace and the sharing economy 

Grow trust with our AI-powered digital ID verification 

Affordability, convenience, and efficiency are at the top of the list for why a huge number of consumers are using technology to facilitate transactions of goods and services in the marketplace and shared economy. Mitek's KYC orchestration and identity verification platform incorporates machine learning and computer vision algorithms, along with biometrics, ID validation, liveness detection, and address, age, and data checks to assure those onboarding are who they say they are in a just a few seconds

See it in action

Transportation & delivery 

Transportation companies in the sharing economy satisfy consumers transportation demands and delivery wants, while providing an arguably better user experience than traditional means.  To assure the safety and reliability, drivers must be vetted and their identities verified

Consumer goods

Companies operating consumer goods platforms allow users to buy and sell used or new items through their interface, and have the goods shipped directly to their home.  Verifying buyers and sellers during the economic activity is critical to assure the sellers are sending and the buyers are paying

Professional and personal services

Skilled professionals and freelancers offer their trade skills, talent and expertise through these efficient and secure online platforms.  Workers that provide special skills, certifications, or training also need to be verified and authenticated prior to work being started

Peer-to-peer sharing

Groups and individuals who underutilized resources they own provide short term rentals of houses and apartments, rooms, cars, boats, parking spaces, and even pools.  Because of regulatory uncertainty, verifying users of these digital platforms on both sides is critical to assure safety and legitimacy

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